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Minnesota - The Land of 10,000 Lakes...
  & Even More Boats

At Mankato Tent & Awning we aim to please our clientele, that means providing the hard-to-find, yet sought-after services they need. And when you operate a canvas manufacturing company in Minnesota that means offering custom boat and pontoon covers, a service we specialize in.


Boat & Pontoon Covers | Boat & Pontoon Hoist Covers

  • Designed to Protect Your Investment
  • Custom Fit & Non-Abrasive
  • Reinforced Corners & Edges
  • High-Quality Marine-Grade Materials with UV Resistance
  • Long-Lasting Performance

Covering Minnesota’s Boats for Over 70 Years!
Nothing beats having a cover tailored to your specific boat or pontoon. A well designed and fabricated boat cover means less wind resistance; no damage to decals, gelcoating or paint; and of-course an exact fit. At Mankato Tent & Awning we have perfected our line of boat and pontoon covers – let us put 70 plus years of knowledge and experience to work for you.


We have a long-standing tradition of working with the state’s fishing and boating enthusiasts. If you've got a boat – fishing boat, bass boat, flat-bottom boat, cabin cruiser, ski boat, jet boat, or even a pontoon boat - we can cover it! Don’t leave home with your boat or pontoon cover flapping in the wind; make sure your watercraft goes down the road in style, with a custom cover from Mankato Tent & Awning. Contact us to discuss your boat covering needs and to find that perfect fit.